Gulfstream G500


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This is the Gulfstream G500.

Certified: July 2018

The Gulfstream G500 is an ultra long range jet that delivers range at 6099 miles around 652 mph for maximum 19 passengers.

The G500 is an improvement on the G450 with greater range. The G500 can take off with greater thrust, weight, fuel capacity and payload than the G450. The G500 also has a longer cabin and can take an additional 6 passengers compared with the G450.

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G500 Performance
Max Range - 9816 km / 6099 miles
Cruise Speed - 1049 km/h / 652 mph
Cruise Altitude - 51000 ft / 15545 m

G500 Exterior Measurements
Length - 27.79 m
Wingspan - 26.31 m
Height - 7.77 m

G500 Cabin & Passenger Info

Cabin Length - 12.65 m
Cabin Width - 2.31 m
Cabin Height - 1.88 m

19 passenger seats (max), standard 13 passengers
Seats, beds and divans
2 lavatories
7 windows each side (14 windows total)
Low cabin altitude (3800ft at 45000 ft)
Wifi onboard
Baggage Compartment - 5 cubic meters

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The G500 can fly 1800 km / 1118 miles further than the G450, it can fly 6000 ft higher than the G450 and is 50km/h / 30mph faster than the G450. The G500 also has more power, 1200lbs more per engine.

The G500 has one of the best cabin designs in the jet industry as it features one of the lowest cabin altitudes (3800 ft at 45000ft), one of the quietest cabins (around 50 decibels) and uses 100% fresh air throughout its cabin so the air is never recirculated. The windows are also large (52cm height x 71cm width), so it is well lit.

G500 purchase cost - $45 million

G500 Engines & Avionics

Engines - x2 Pratt & Whitney PW814GA (15144 lbs thrust per eng)

Avionics - Gulfstream Symmetry Flight Deck

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