Gulfstream G700


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This is the Gulfstream G700.

Entry into Service: Expected mid 2023

On its recent world tour (Oct 2022 - Feb 2023), it amassed 25 world speed records. It reached average speeds of 0.90 mach - 1111 km/h - 690 mph, so this is a fast jet.

The G700 has a long range of 8630 miles with a high cruise speed of 650 mph and can accommodate up to 19 passengers. It is the improved version of the Gulfstream G650.

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G700 Performance
Max Range - 13890 km / 8630 miles
Cruise Speed - 1050 km/h / 650mph
Cruise Altitude - 51000 ft / 15544 m

G700 Exterior Measurements
Length - 33.48 m
Wingspan - 31.39 m
Height - 7.75 m

G700 Cabin & Passenger Info

Cabin Length - 17.35 m
Cabin Width - 2.49 m
Cabin Height - 1.91 m

19 passenger seats (max)
Seats, beds and divans
10 windows each side (20 windows total)
Low cabin altitude
Wifi onboard
Baggage Compartment - 5.5 cubic meters

For further aircraft info: G700 - Gulfstream Aerospace

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The G700 can take off with a greater payload and weight at a shorter distance compared with the G650. It has greater fuel capacity and thrust and has a larger cabin than the G650.

Currently the G700 has a similar speed and range to the G650 but during flight tests it surpassed the speeds and heights of a G650.

Its expected to be one of the safest aircraft with its enhanced and synthetic visionary system, and its predictive landing performance system.

G650 purchase cost - $75 million

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G700 Engines & Avionics

Engines - x2 Rolls-Royce Pearl 700 (18250 lbs thrust)

Avionics - Gulfstream Enhanced Flight Vision System & Synthetic Vision System. Gulfstream Predictive Landing Performance System.

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